[Experiences] New Mom’s blues…greens..and yellows!

Disclaimer: Ahem! If the following blog seems too whacky, please excuse it on account of my sleep deprivation!

From Haiku : The Beginning

As the caption goes, my life has taken a very colourful turn. Before one gets any different ideas, let me elaborate on the primary colours. The blues have come in all possible shades and depth! What with the physical pain of hours long labour, the pain-killer epidural, which left me with a killer pain of a headache, that keeps popping it’s head even after weeks three, not to mention, the ‘baby blues’ of being rooted to one spot and doing the same tasks over and over and over again… the mind and body is streaked with all hues of azure,cyan,navy and aquamarine!

From December 2009

Not a moment passes when I don’t feel the green-eyed monster stalking inside… What about? I see Madhan, and he is just a micro-sample of the entire other sex, who continues with his life, with minimum possible changes. He still goes to work, he still meets all his friends for lunch, still has the time to tweet,blog and socialize…not to mention, watch cricket! 🙂 whereas me, again a micro-sample of the female gender, has her life turned topsy turvy! One scream from the little one and all other life stands still. Pen in mid air, email in mid-sentence and cricket in mid-over!(nah! I don’t care about that!). Well, my only consolation is that I have a son and he would escapeth this horrible side of inequality!

The yellows…No, you don’t want to know about it! 🙂

From December 2009

Well, I actually have it better than most women. My dear husband, who wouldn’t bat an eyelid for an earthquake, let alone a baby’s cry, does put our little one to sleep with his voice, handles him with ease and lets me sleep for long on weekend mornings. He does take me on little escapades everyday… a 30 minute break to drive on the new fly-over, to do a flash shopping and hurray, to the petrol bunk! And oh! the blessing to be born in this culture where your mother takes it upon herself to help you with your child! In the middle of the night, when he has kept us awake for 2 hours, my mother still has the energy to say,” I can only bring up my child and grandchild. I will not be alive for the next generation. So, I am taking my last chance”.. Kudos to her spirit!

From Haiku : The Beginning

Haiku is also giving me answers to many questions.. How can someone love another who has caused so much pain? To enjoy a little thing that ties you up, eats your freedom? How can you smile and rejoice in every smile and every burp?!! Mysteries being unveiled every moment indeed!

From December 2009

At the end of the day, inspite of the collage of the above colours, what remains behind deeply is the bliss… of finding your loved one’s eyes, smile and actions in this miniature, of rejoicing in every wave and every turn, of seeing your child smile in his sleep! Though a huge price has been paid to have this little bundle, these moments are priceless!

Gotta run… Can hear the primary colours!

16 thoughts on “[Experiences] New Mom’s blues…greens..and yellows!

  1. Felt wonderful to read the post!! I know we men can't understand the real pain, but we appreciate it more than anything! :))
    I've seen my two sis' going through the same and felt ecstatic after reading the post..
    Happy parenting to you and Madhan!!


  2. You are right about the support of Mum in our culture for taking care of grand-kids at the most crucial times. And this is your prime time to bond with Haiku, so make the most of it. Let Madhan enjoy his cricket. That is nothing compared to the game you have on. The photos are wonderful. Haiku has got very expressive and dare I say, inquisitive eyes. I am sure he is absorbing everything well and is making his own road map with all the experiences. Well done.


  3. Very nice post! A new mother myself (my son is almost 3 months old), I could totally relate to everything you wrote. The blues, greens and yellows (!) are really worth the smiles and happiness that comes with it 🙂


  4. Nandini,

    Am a first time visitor to your blog, first of all, Congrats on motherhood and enjoy every minute with Haiku. I too am the mother of a 11 month old and am still going through the various months of my son's first year, the colors are all there.


  5. @mitr_bayarea: Me too! It's been ages since I had the time to visit my own blog. As you must experience, the colors are totally keeping me occupied! Thanks for the comment and all the best with parenting.


  6. meena chandrasekar

    The old paradigm of self-care was that you had to take care of everyone else first and then to take care of yourself.this left most of us depleted and resentful.The new paradigm of self-care is to take care of yourself first and when you have a full cup,it will run over to everyone else.Loving yourself first, taking care of the health of your body,mind and spirit is one of the most important things you can do to yourself.
    Being a mother of a college student I just wonder what my daughter is going to go through what is going to be my role in her motherhood.Happy parenting and my blessings to the little one to be a shining star.


  7. I have started reading your blog just recently so my comments are a bit late and outdated but i still want to comment on this article.You have beautifully painted the various colours of motherhood and its joys.I just loved your writing.Haiku is so adorable.


  8. You have Beautifully translated your emotions in to writing; Reminds of what Jodi Picoult related in her book – Vanishing Acts: “That's the strange thing about being a mother: until you have a baby, you don't even realize how much you were missing one” nice…. 🙂
    Anandhie V Vilvaraja


  9. Very beautifully written! 🙂 Please keep writing even if the ink dries, owing to it being kept in mid air.
    I have a son who is two months younger to yours and was able to be in unison with your words.


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