[Experiences] A Step into Thirty

Thanks for the condolences and appreciation of my honesty! 🙂

Tomorrow, I step into the next half of my life and feels like there’s so much to begin afresh. A quaint, joint Bday celebration with my friend’s daughter. She, being the Hiroshima and me, the Nagasaki of August. A beautiful butterfly shaped cake on the table, with just a 3 on it! Wrapped in the warmth of friends and a young-again feeling of sharing it with the next gen.

A walk with college friends and their spouses, recollecting, laughing and most of all, me wondering, how did I manage to complete this education, of which I remember not a single thing, even vaguely! Although words spoken, emotions discovered and lessons of life learnt beat fresh in my heart as though I am living it, right now. Maybe that’s the wisdom I’ve got in this grand old age, that life is mostly about the moments and hardly the facts.

Walking through a flood of memories, as I look up, the leaves elegantly adorn the sky and the rain falls softly on my face. A moment to feel truly happy to be alive.
A lovely evening, and here I am, savoring the minute minutes of the 20s.

3 thoughts on “[Experiences] A Step into Thirty

  1. Each and every word of your writing is undoubtedly true,what we end up with at the end of 20's is great moments,lovely people and family.I have a question to you????what made you to fall in love???


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