9 thoughts on “Kadal’s Keechan : Lyrics & Translation

  1. Anonymous

    Terrific song, terrific lyrics and terrific translation. Though the translation might be treated as a glossary at first, it stands out as a beautiful poem by itself! But one concern though. In the last para, is it நான் பாத்த நொடியே or நீ பாத்த நொடியே? I thought I heard the latter. Hope there is no confusion. Great job once again!

    – a lurker turned commenter who loves all your writings.


  2. Anonymous, Thanks so much for your appreciative comments and for pointing that out. Words like yours enthuse me to keep writing.

    Lakshmipathy, It was a real pleasure. The music and the lyrics moved me, that's all.


  3. Excellent job, @Nandini. It is not an easy task to translate a song that is so rustic and uses the cant of the fishermen community of coastal Tamil Nadu, with Gospel references 🙂

    Madhan's choice of ஈசா and தோமா are not only a play around words with Christian connotations, but, also apt for the characters they represent in the movie.

    Thank you.


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