[Random] In a noisy world…

Of a room in Den Haag
Of a soul within
Of a far-away souvenir
Of a long-ago gift
Of an unborn child
Of a dead parent
Of an unanswerable question
Of an irrefutable answer
Of depression
Of euphoria
Of the yet-to-speak toddler
Of the about-to-die elder
Of a fighting couple
Of an estranged friend
Of a reunion, prior
Of a farewell, after
Of an attentive listener
Of a perpetual talker
Of unexpressed love
Of concealed apathy
Of a monastery
Of a library
Of a fallen tree
Of a sprouting seed
Of a crowded theatre
Of a deserted graveyard
Of spectators of a crime
Of photographers of a disaster
Of the moment before an applause
Of the moment after a rebuke
Of leaders who should condemn
Of followers who should complain
Of the sinner
Of the forgiver
Of the speechless speaker
Of the speechless signer
Of a loving look
Of an angry stare
Of the black night
Of the white moon
Of a thinking mind
Of a feeling heart
Of the breeze
Of the earth
Of hands that do
Of eyes that see
Of the universe
Of an atom
Of a tear
Of a smile

That speaks a thousand words!

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